Our visitors from Indiana

Gracie loves the water!

baby cousins are 6 weeks apart in age

Grandmommy and the birthday baby
Sawyer constructing Grand Central Station

The honeymooners enjoyed their trip to Puerto Rico

Sawyer has a million dollar smile

Uncle Patrick holds the birthday girl at her party

Photo finish at the uncles relay during Grace's party

Jack and John on a fishing trip to Sheldon State Park
Jen and Morgan life guard the baby pool
On the last night of the visit Conner finally
came home from camp to see the family

2012 Backyard Olympics

Let the Games begin
Egan Team enters the stadium

the mummy game

Jack's first backyard olympics

Gracie loves Uncle Mitch

Jen gets air !

Medals for the athletes
Girls await the events

It was a hot one today

My how our families have grown!