Nashville TN

We are in East Nashville visiting the Scott Egan branch of the family. They are doing great! We had a backyard picnic last night on the deck and Jack had his first fudgesicle!
Jack loves his sandbox which Grandfather filled up with sand and Sawyer really likes the sandbox lid.

On monday we went to music class with the boys and had
alot of fun singing and playing percussion.

Nashville has a great downtown fountain at Centennial Mall which the boys really enjoyed.

Both Jack and Sawyer love to be outside with Grandfather.

On saturday Scott and Jen ran the Music City Half Marathon so of course we celebrated with mexican food and margaritas.

Driving west - part IV

We called to confirm our Sequoia reservation this morning and found out they were in the mddle of a snowstorm and tire chains were required to even enter the park. They were predicting 3 more days of snowstorms. So we made a mid-course adjustment and here we are in Joshua Tree National Park in 29 Palms, CA.
No snow here!

4.07.09 Today we are writing from Ventura, CA. John and I drove up here because we wanted to go hiking on Channel Islands National Park. The flight we booked to the island got cancelled so we went out on a whale watch boat this morning and it was very nice. We had the great weather and smooth seas. We saw HUNDREDS of dolphins circling our boat and 2 grey whales ! Ventura is a cute little town with lots to see and do. Tomorrow: Sequoia National Park.

4.04.09 The Scott Family Reunion was in beautiful La Jolla this year. ALL my brothers and sisters were able to make it and 99 % of the cousins and grandkids (we missed Zach and his new bride). The twin grandmas, Joan and Jean, were able to come for the night that we barbecued on the beach and had campfire s'mores. On sunday we all drove up the hill to Mike and Nancy's house for a delicious El Indio lunch on their peaceful back yard.
Thanks to Mike and Nancy for doing all the legwork and planning this year.

4.01.09 We are driving west to the Scott Family Reunion and are stopping at some National Parks along the way. Today we are in Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. John visited this park about 7 or 8 years ago with Scott, Mitch, Conner and Patrick. He has wanted me to see it for a long time and it was beautiful.