Big Man on Campus

Ready to hit the road to Austin, TX for the first day of school at TSD. Conner was packed and ready to go at 6:00 A.M. We fixed his room up the way he wanted and he met the other 24 boys in his dorm and I said farewell! Just until friday though. No tears - Yay Grandmommy!

Jack and Sawyer had their own first day of school adventure up in South Bend. See the Tennesseegans for photos.

Aunt Pat visits da boys

We were delighted when Aunt Pat from Jersey came to visit while all the men and boys were here. She is very dear to us and we loved having her all to ourselves. She was even here for Sawyers 2nd Birthday party.

A good time was had by all!

Brother and sister

Sister and brother

Aunt Pat reading a book to Jack early one morning

Jack and Sawyer are back in Texas

Conner, Jack and Sawyer love to watch Toy Story!

Sawyer got to go to the Aquarium with Mommy and Grandmommy

Jack made a puzzle that was longer than he is

Breakfast with Sawyer

Beach weekend 2010

We rented a house at Surfside for the weekend and had perfect weather for our group of 28 friends and family. 12 kids made it fun! Thanks to Mick Watson for this photo. Evan was napping during the group photo, maybe because we kept him up with late night boisterous card games.

Best Friends

Where is Evan? napping

Let's go fly a kite!

Up to the highest height!
Conner got his lizard kite up high!

setting up on our first day

Uncle Peeps and Morgan arrive!