Spring Break 2012

Happy Birthday to Grandfather and to Uncle Mitch! We had a feast that was wonderful and Taos sat in the highchair for 2 hours with a big smile. We celebrated John and Mitchell's shared birthday at Gaidos on the Seawall.

Patrick, Morgan and their little surfer boy, Taos Conner and his friend Jacob spent alot of time on the fishing pier catching fish and blue crabs

The guys cooked dinner for the family and it was delicious! Shrimp kabobs and jambalaya rice

Conner and his beloved can of squirt cheese on the beach

He was a happy baby on the beach blanket

He loved sitting with the ladies on the beach while the men played football and fished

Conner and his Great Aunt Pat who was visiting from New Jersey

Taos is 6 1/2 months old

We had a nice visit with Morgan and Taos over the weekend. Pat was out of town and we stayed with Taos while Morgan and her mom were in Austin working on The Wedding.
He is growing and changing so fast. Now he is sitting up by himself and eating solid foods.He loves oatmeal and is getting used to peas (Nurture Me).

Grandfather gets him to smile!

Taos loves to ride and nap in the car

He got very excited over oatmeal and peas!