Irish Alphabet

A is for Arbutus

B is for Bog

C is for cottage

D is for Derrynanne

E is for Egans

F is for forts

G is for Guinness

H is for Harp

I is for Iveragh Peninsula

J is for John Jameson

K is for Killarney

L is for Liam O'Connor

M is for Muckross Abbey

N is for nursing donkey

O is for oak tree

P is for Paddywagon

Q is for the quiet meadows for picnics

R is for Reeks (McGillicuddy)

S is for Skellig Michael

T is for Temple Bar

U is for Upstairs,our room was four flights up!

V is for Valentia Island

W is for Wicklow Mountains water that goes into the Guinness

X is for an extra Guinness at the Brazen Head Pub(why not?)

Y is for Yellow Iris

Z is for Zebra mussels on the beach


This is the historic site of the Jameson
distillery where the Scot John Jameson
started his business.

A man and his whiskey

The new distillery moved to Middleton Ireland back in the 1970's
We are enjoying our stay in Dublin. President O'Bama and Michelle came to town yesterday and the whole city was buzzing with excitement. We took the opportunity to visit the Jameson Distillery and taste the Irish at the source.

Irish wildflowers are blooming


Irish Daisy


Pink Clover

Pig Nut

Early Heath Orchid



Bog Cotton

Blue Bells

The Ring of Kerry

Irish Harpist at the fort last night as we heard tales of
fights and fairies and fiddles.

The beach at Derrynanne was windy and warm

An ancient Abbey and cemetery
in Derrynanne

Torc waterfall, the sight of a bloody battle between
warriors and a prehistoric wild boar

The ruins of Muckross Abbey

were beautiful but the stories that

were told were bloody and sad

The Egans of Killarney

We toured the Muckross House today and were
surprised to hear that many of the handcarved
oak pieces were crafted by the Egans of Killarney!

Cottage life in early 20th century Ireland
involved burning peat bricks for warmth
and for cooking

Muckross Lake

A huge sessile oak in Killarney National Park

The rhododendrons here are enormous too

Our hotel in Killarney was great

TSD wins district Track and Field Meet

Conner was a contributor to that win. He medalled in the standing long jump and the 4x100 relay. He placed in the 50 M and the 100 M runs. Good job Conner!