The Golden Girls 2009

Hello new house!

Good bye old house!

John and I are in San Diego helping Jean and Joan move into their new apartment. They have found a beautiful spot here in paradise and it has NO STAIRS!

Happy Mothers Day !

Today was a very happy mothers day for me and my sons and grandsons. I was lucky enough to spend the day with John, Mitch, Patrick and Conner.
My husband taught my three sons how to celebrate a proper Mother's day as they were growing up and today it was fun to see Mitch and Patrick teaching Conner.
I know that up in Nashville Scott, Jack and Sawyer will be honoring and treating Jen to a special Mothers day. He learned from his dad how to pamper the woman who gave him those beautiful red headed boys.
Happy Mothers day to my mom, my women friends and my sisters who constantly inspire me and teach me the meaning of "mother".