I'll be Home for Christmas

All the children and grandchildren came home this year and it was such a happy occasion for us! We had all the beds full, and then some, so we had fun and were busy with biking, playdough, legos, Funny Bunny, Balloon Lagoon and playing with Pyka and Smokey. Santa came to our house, with some new elves on the staff this year. It was great!
There are now 5 grandkids in the family. We visited Mitch at Station 28 and the boys got to try out the equipment. They got many fun gifts for Christmas too.

Sawyer is a super smiler

The new dads

Our newest baby boy, Taos Mitchell Egan with his mom and dad

Conner, Pyka and Patrick

Dueling babies, Gracie on the left and Taos on the right
Scott, Jen, Jack, Sawyer and Grace

New Jersey

Our grand nieces and grand nephew live in New Jersey and we were lucky to be able to visit for the weekend. They had plans to attend a Christmas brunch and make gingerbread houses on sunday so of course we tagged along. Fun, funny, fabulous kids!

And then there are these young folks...

Happy Birthday Fifi!

New York

The tree at Rockefellar Center

Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral

Lunch and shopping at Grand Central

John and Balzac at The MoMA

Lunch at the Oyster Bar
We had a great visit to NYC last week and really enjoyed some great shows, restaurants and The MoMA while we were there. The tricky part was figuring out umbrella etiquette on busy streets crowded with shoppers on a few rainy days. We had a fun time and got to see our niece. Annie, who is studying at NYU


Taos at 3 1/2 months

We dropped in on Taos this week for a little visiting before and after the basketball games in Austin. He is a healthy 17 pounds and cute as a button!

Hoops season is our favorite

Got to see Conner play basketball last week in Austin.
He reminds me so much of Mitch when he plays.

Back (at Scott's) Home in Indiana

It is busy, busy, busy at the Egan house in South Bend. Three great kids pack a boatload of fun into the day and we are trying to keep up! It is chilly here, 28 degrees tonite. Brrrr.....

Grandfather and Sawyer enjoying the Elkhart, Indiana Train Museum

Jack and Sawyer at the Notre Dame band practice

Grace's beautiful smile warmed up a cold, blustery day

Grace keeping Grandmommy warm at band practice

Baby Grace is always happy!

Sawyer gets to help mom at home these days while Jack is at kindergarten

Jack loves kindergarten!

Sawyer doing an art project at home.

Sisters, Sisters, never were there such devoted sisters

I am the luckiest girl in the world to have 3 wonderful sisters! We try to get together every year for our Hen Party which started long ago when our mom was still alive. We would get together with just the girls and maybe a nursing baby to talk and visit and eat and shop. Loved it then, love it now!

The Sunday Sports Section

Rangers end their season with a mighty good fight against St. Andrews!

Conner really loved his first year of football

He gave defense his strongest effort

We love #54

The San Marcos branch of the family came to cheer on the Rangers

first quarter


third period

game over! time for bed!