Taos is home

Pat and Morgan's family is growing!

Taos Mitchell Egan

Grandfather has taken over the exercising of Pyka

He sleeps like an angel

What a good boy he is

Proud papa Pat

Oh Boy!

Welcome to the world Taos Mitchell Egan!

The Mens Club gives their personal welcome

He slept through our entire visit. Good job Morgan!

The grandkids visit

Basketball continues to be the favorite sport at the Egan casa. Conner and his friend Mark give Coach John a run for his money.

Jack and Sawyer had blast at our friends' splash pad

And they really love their Uncle Mitch!
We have had a fun few weeks with the grandkids visiting! Lots of playing, games, and outings have kept us busy here. It was great to see the South Bend contingent in town. Conner stayed with us too while his dad worked on fire department stuff.
Popscicles. Angry Birds (the board game), basketball, water and of course summer movies were their favorites.

Baby Grace is still the champion sleeper and her parents try to rest with her.