Today In San Marcos

Pat and Morgan invited us to San Marcos to attend their Baby Cake party and have a picnic with friends and family Some of their friends made T shirts for all of us to commemorate the big day

Drum roll please.........

IT'S A BOY ! ! ! ! We are so excited to welcome a new little Egan boy in August!

Young Captains reunited

These two young fellows were roommates and friends at Fort Wolters during their helicopter training school in 1966. After losing contact with each other for many years, John found Bruce and we visited he and his wife in Ft. Walton Beach. The stories and memories were priceless!Now that they have reconnected we hope to see more of them.

John with Ricky and Bruce Roberts who all lived at the same apartment complex back in the 60's. We enjoyed our visit with them in Florida last week.

Spring Breakers head to sunny LA (Lower Alabama)

Greetings from beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama!!

Our snowbirds from South Bend

Jack is learning to snorkel and we are building sand castles, flying kites and eating well.

It's an O'Doul's kind of spring break.....

Conner and his buddy from Houston.

We are here with all the kids, grandkids and our grandkids-to-be. It has been great weather so far and the sand and water are perfect!