Home Sweet Home

Pat and Morgan moved into their new house over the weekend

Conner came with us and he was a HUGE help

Pyka is the baby of the house, for now.......

Like father like son: Pat has a green thumb like John,
his collection of cacti and succulents is beautiful

Texas History tour with Conner

Conner's friend Mark joined us on our trip. It was great to have him along. They are lifelong friends.We started our tour in Gonzales, TX where the battle for TX independence began

Then it was on to the Alamo to learn of the deadly battle for freedom.

The Texas Capitol was our next stop. We climbed as high as wecould go.
We also visited the beautiful Texas History Museum

A stop in San Marcos was a fun break from all that LEARNING!! We got a tour of Uncle Pat's commercial art shop and they saw the giant PEZ dispenser he is working on. Also a trip to the San Marcos river for some swimming .