It was a very Merry Christmas

Our beautiful daughter in law, Jennifer, with Sawyer on Christmas Eve

Santa was very good to us this year. He brought all our favorite toys and we have been playing and having fun ever since. If it would just stop raining we could spend more time outside where the little boys really want to be.
Tonight is New Year's Eve and we plan on a quiet dinner at home with Mitch and Scott and their families. Best wishes for a happy and peaceful 2010 !

Jack and Sawyer in their Christmas jammies

Conner, Patrick and John took the boys to the playground

Ready for a LONG tricycle ride

The next Ringo Starr!

Jack got a drum set for Christmas and has been honing his skills.

He has a great sense of rhythym and is very cool.

Lots more Christmas photos to follow!

More fun with the family

We are having fun with Jack and Sawyer this week. Jen hosted a play date with Noah, Jonah, and Austin the other day.

On sunday it was off to The Nutcracker with Jack and Conner and Conner's friend, Andrew

Jen and Scott, Mitch, Pat and Morgan were able to join us at the ballet

We have been watching alot of Christmas movies, playing with play-dough, blocks and having a fun time out doors

Christmas is just around the corner now!

The fun has begun!

The little red headed boys are here in Houston for a visit before moving to the South Bend area in January. We have been playing and having fun with them. Last week all the grandsons were over to trim the tree. Conner will do what Jack asks him to up to a point! Rocking on his grandfathers and fathers toy horses was OK.

Sawyer and Uncle Mitch hanging out

The tree trimming party is a family tradition for the Egans

Sawyer and his belly admiring the tree

Jack helped Grandfather rake leaves and liked jumping in them too

At the neighborhood park Jack was most interested in the habits
of Texas fire ants

Jack's favorite cat is Smokey