Bonjour mes amis!

We visited the Chateau de Chasselas and met the winemaker...

who took us into the cellar where he has the wine in french oak barrels.

I did not know there were mountains in France

A castle in the French coutryside


You know you're in France when you smell the bread and croissants

Our first stop was the dock in Lyon
We woke today in the charming village of Tournu and headed for the burgundy wine region.

Then on to a tour of the Hotel Dieu
And the saturday market in Beaune

John's 50th

John had his 50th HS reunion for Towson Catholic High School and we got see and spend time with some great friends. They were instantly transported back to 1960 and shared lots of stories (I learned alot about my spouse of 35 years!) and lots of laughter and love.

John and his classmates, the girls outnumbered the boys in his class 3 to 1 !

We took the afternoon to see the beautiful Inner Harbor of Baltimore and eat crabcakes. The city has done so much to preserve and repurpose the old buildings in the downtown and harbor area.

our garden

After the freeze we had this winter, our garden has come back with force. We have never had so many blooms on our hydrangeas and hostas. The garlic plants are new and they repel the massive mosquito poulation in Texas.