Warm welcome in the FREEZING Midwest

Scott and Jen and the boys have moved in at their South Bend home in the middle of a very snowy winter. We arrived in the snow and it snowed several times everyday. But they are loving it and we did too. This is the view from their back deck.

Scott dropping off Jack at school. Snow pants and snow boots are required everyday!

Sawyer loves to go play in the snow. Here he was bringing me his snow boots and asking to go OUT!

Proud mama with Scott on the Notre Dame campus in front of Touchdown Jesus.

Grandfather and Sawyer with their snow man creation.

Taking Jack to school at Notre Dame.

Wilmette memories

My childhood home

Lad and Lassie was important in my journey to womanhood!

The Wilmette Bowl where I performed in South Pacific at the ripe old age of 9. Ahh, the memories!

My beautiful younger sister Tracy at her home. She and Dave have been so gracious to Scott and his family. Thanks to them as well as Bones, Oscar Mike, Augie and Wrigley.

The Outlaws

Coached by Mitch and Dake, the Outlaws are having fun and learning about football at the YMCA. Conner a defensive monster!