We have just returned from a very relaxing trip to the islands of Molokai and Lanai. I broke my camera on this trip so I had to borrow a few photos.We had beautiful weather while there but the islands had both flooded a week or so prior to our trip. This made for a very muddy MULE RIDE!
I somehow psyched myself out of all the fear and trepidation I was feeling about a mule ride straight down a 3000 foot sea cliff and off we went! After a very rigorous 5 minute training on mules we headed off with three guides. One of the guides played the ukulele while riding and they were very helpful in easing our nervousness. So John rode Smokey and I rode Elvira all the way down to the Father Damian settlement for leper patients. It is now a National Historic Park where we had a tour and then lunch before heading back up the trail. The views were amazing!

We spent many hours reading by the pool and watching humpback whales and spinner dolfins jumping in the water.Next we caught a short flight to Lanai for our final few days.
The hotel was surrounded by 100 year old Cook Island Pines.

One day we rode the inter island ferry to Maui. While walking down the street in LaHaina John spotted my brother Mike Scott! He and Nancy were on a cruise to New Zealand and just happened to have a cruise stop at the same place where we were that day. We got to visit for an hour or so and then we both boarded our respective vessels.
Our last day was spent snoozing on beautiful Hulopoe beach. It was a dream trip.....