South Bend Journal: NOW I understand...

Sometimes I wonder why Jen and Scott do not pick up their phones when I call them. 
NOW I understand.
Preschool, Kindergarten, jobs, soccer, basketball, CCE, visitors, field trips, school parties, cooking, laundry, carpooling, church committees, sleep training, potty training, learning to read, nursing, weaning, child nutrition.
I know we did it all too but it makes my head spin now to see their pace!
We had a blast at their house and I was able to keep up only as long as Sawyer, Grace and I got our afternoon naps. We were lucky to be there to visit with Eddie, Laura and Baby Eddie too!
Gracie and Eddie are friends
Jack and Sawyer love books
Grace is exploring every square inch of her house
Snuggle time with Grandfather
Grandfather closed up the cat door
just in time
Train Museum 1
Train Museum 2

Train Museum 3
Grace loves to be outside

3D movie time

Watch this if you dare! It may make you a little queasy.

Fairy Godmothers attend Atlanta wedding

Last weekend was a happy get together for the Vandy suite mates in Atlanta. Mary Beth's oldest son tied the knot and we all joined in the festivities. We were wined and dined and hilarity ensued. It was wonderful to share this great occasion with the Gradys. We visited the Botanic Gardens near downtown, had some pizza at Ecco and stayed with our friends Barb and Peter in their lovely home.

Easter in San Marcos

We had a short visit with Taos and his parents
for Easter. He is growing so fast and loves his new
baby pool.

Wildflower drive

We drove up to Brenham today and saw the beautiful Texas bluebonnets on display. We took these shots between Chappell Hill and Washington. We even saw the Easter bunny!