Happy First Birthday to Sawyer!

Sawyer James Egan celebrated his first birthday with the family in Texas last week. He turns one on wednesday but Scott and Jen had his party on sunday so that we could all be there.

Austin, Aaron and Robin's little one, is 4 days older than
his cousin Sawyer. They are best friends.

Jack loved mommy's cupcakes

Entertainment at the party, "The Three Mop Tops"

Conner and his little cousins

Jack's best buddy is Cameron. Chris and Danielle's son
will be a big brother in a few weeks.

Sawyer devoured 2 cupcakes-Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Birthday balloons are still fun the day after the party

Fathers and sons

Jack and Sawyer have been having a great time playing with Conner this week.

We have played baseball, putt putt golf, bowling, and lots of swimming!
Sawyer loves to smile for the camera

Our three grandsons hanging out in our bed

We are having fun with the beautiful redheads visiting from Nashville this week. Jack had an overnight with Conner at our house last week and we had a lot of questions that started with "how does Conner ............."

Tonight we had burgers and corn on the cob and then played in the sprinkler which Jack loved.

Sawyer was pretty fond of the corn too.

John and Sawyer looking for planes in the afternoon sky.

It is GREAT to have Scott's family visiting in Texas this month. We had a fun time tonight having dinner and playtime with our 3 grandsons and their dads.

Hello from sunny California

This week we visited the twins, Joan and Jean, at their new apartment in San Diego and they are doing very well. While there John and I took a little time to see the San Diego Zoo. We had not been there in 11 years and it was as fabulous as ever. It is a garden with animals and it is so beautiful!
Our next stop was Sequoia National Park for a few days of hiking. The park is located at 6000 ft in the California Sierras and we were surrounded by huge trees and granite cliffs and waterfalls and meadows and BEARS!
We spotted 2 or 3 black bears up close and 1 across a (safe) meadow. It was very thrilling and by that I mean scary. Let me just say that my fight or flight instinct is working and I chose flight.
Here are a few pictures of Sequoia.

Moro Rock summit

Trish with largest living thing in the world
Does it make me look petite?

John on a Giant Sequoia
The tree just fell over due to a weak root system.

From the forest floor on the Congress trail

Female mule deer on Long Meadow trail(bottom)
Male deer on Crescent Meadow(top)

I'm Chip.........I'm Dale,
we're just a couple of carefree fellas
out to have some fun!