The Sports Page

Conner's TSD football team won yesterday 30-0! He had 2 sacks of the other QB and a run of 20 yards around the right side for a first down! And I forgot my camera! C'mon Grandmommy, get with the program.

The kids from central Texas

Mitch and I are in San Marcos for a visit with Pat and Morgan and Taos. Happy Birthday to Morgan! We toasted her last night after the football game in Austin. Conner's team played very well but was bested by the team from Regents School. Conner played both sides this week and was looking good!

Acadia NP2

Thunder Hole

Jordan Pond and The Bubbles

Sand Beach

Between Sand Beach and Thunder Hole

The Ocean Path

This park is so different from any other NP we have visited. It is on an island which is covered by mountains and lakes and surrounded by these beautiful small harbors. We drove all over on the rainy days and hiked on the sunny days. There are small New England towns dotting the island so there are stores and restaurants whenever you need to stop and shop.

Acadia National Park

This park is quite stunning. The forests, rocky coasts, lakes, ponds and tarns are very beautiful and we have hiked every chance we get (when it is not raining.)

Lobster in the morning, lobster in the noontime, lobster at suppertime!

Boiled lobster dinner in Hull's Cove

Oh, man! They have the best lobster in Maine! We have had it at any meal, at any time and it is yummy. Lobster omelettes, lobster salad, lobster rolls, lazy man's lobster, lobster stew. We have enjoyed it all. We even got to watch the lobstermen pulling up the traps and throwing back the small ones and the pregnant ones.