Self guided tour of the Southeast USA

These two young fellows met in 1966 and trained together on Huey Helicopters.It was great to see so many helicopter pilots reunited in New Orleans last week.

Breakfast at Brennans with the helicopter pilots
Getting ready for a ride on Big Mable. Our friends John and Maryanne hosted us at their beautiful lake house in South Carolina.

Lake Keowee is lovely

And there are bass in this lake!
Captain John
You cannot drive through southeast Tennessee and NOT stop in Lynchburg for a tour.

In Murfreesboro we stopped to see Marcie and she gave us a beginners lesson on her red hot Vespa

We will have to try a Vespa tour.This is fun to drive!

Our final stop this week was at Taos' FIRST BIRTHDAY party.
Wow! I cannot believe that both my babies are one.
Happy Birthday Taos Mitchell Egan ! ! !

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